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DCHA Information

Resources and documents relevant to the Desert Cove Home Owners Association.

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 Mission Statement:

  1. Endeavour to maintain and enhance a safe environment and improve upon the lifestyle at the community of Desert Cove,

  2. Encourage the active participation of all residents in the community’s activities of every nature and kind,

  3. Act as a liaison and to represent the Association members on issues of community concern brought to the Board of Directors.


  1. Coordinate and organize social and safety activities for the association members,

  2.  Provide information sessions for residents on topics considered important to the quality of life for residents,

  3.  Represent members in matters relating to management and external organizations,

  4.  Assist residents in understanding and interpreting regulations pertaining to Desert Cove and,

  5.  Provide timely communications to the association members regarding actions of the Executive Committee.


Membership in the Desert Cove Homeowner's Association is recommended and encouraged, but not compulsory.   For a nominal one time initial fee of $25 per household and annual dues of $10 per person, you are entitled to the many benefits of membership and you will be contributing to the multitude of community activities and events supported by DCHA and enjoyed by all.  As a DCHA Member, you will have a say in how things are done and if you are so inclined, you are enthusiastically invited to join the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors - 2023/24

IMG_2825 (2)_edited.jpg
Marilyn Richardson
Kathy Burwell
Social Director
Jack Schultz
Vice President
IMG_2813 (2).JPG
Shaunie Wood
Welcome Director
IMG_2827 (2).JPG
Linda Hill
Cecile Zandbergen
IMG_2821 (2).JPG
Jim Horsford
Recreation Director
Tracy Cox - Data Management Director (2)
IMG_2823 (2).JPG
Tracy Cox
Data Management
Mary Mate
Director at Large
Monica McDonald
Director at Large
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Photos by Robert Huth


Desert Cove Homeowners Association is a registered Society, and is governed by the BC Societies Act and our own By-Laws.  There are requirements for every Society which must be fulfilled and the Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure the basic requirements are met.  There are many people in Desert Cove who have served on the Board over the years and have lots of experience that they are willing to share.  Please check the Director Duties and Responsibilities for more information.

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